ESP32-C3 DMX Wifi/BLE Bridge

ESP32-C3 DMX Wifi/BLE Bridge

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This product is a 2 universe DMX (or RS-485) transceiver. This is the 3rd version of the earlier ESP8266 based breakout board. This board uses a M5Stack ESP32-C3 base processor and is powered via barrel jack, usb-c or terminal blocks up to 30 volts. (Input working voltage range 8 - 30 volts).

Connect your DMX lights with WLED or use this as an artnet bridge.

Broken out DMX lines are usable for more custom projects or DMX hardwired LED projects while a XLR style DMX connector wired to the first universe allows for easy fixture connection.

Firmware for a custom compiled WLED fork is available on github. Custom BLE and WiFi art-net bridge software is planned.


The PCB and enclosure design files are open-source and available at: [todo, document and share]


While pictured in a case, the case is not yet final and just the PCB will be sold at this time.

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