ESP32-C3 4 Channel Dimmer
ESP32-C3 4 Channel Dimmer
ESP32-C3 4 Channel Dimmer

ESP32-C3 4 Channel Dimmer

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This is an very compact 4 channel ESP32-C3 C3U module based dimmer measuring 30mm wide, 34 mm high and 15mm deep without ESP32-C3 header and 24mm deep with ESP32-C3 header (delivered with header by default for easy programming of ESP32-C3 C3U module).

Delivered with Tasmota, can be run via WLED or a custom firmware.

The board uses 4 high-current transistors safely switching up to around 2 amps of power. Input voltage range is 9-24 volts. If the processor is powered separately by USB or pins for 5v, 3 to 24 volts can be switched. Only resistive (led, incandescent, heater) loads are supported. Inductive loads are not supported since there are no protection diodes on the mosfets to prevent against damage with inductors (motor coils, etc).

Power can be delivered via the VIN header pin, standard 5.5mm by 9.5mm coax power (center positive), or USBC port. Power delivered by coax can be connected to equipment via VIN header port.


Header port pinout:

L0 – load switched ground 0

L1 – load switched ground 1

L2 – load switched ground 2

L3 – load switched ground 3

HV – high voltage in to power board or out from barrel jack

GND – system ground


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