TSynth Case (3d print and laser cut parts)
TSynth Case (3d print and laser cut parts)

TSynth Case (3d print and laser cut parts)

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This is a 3d printed + laser cut case for the TSynth by Electrotechnique.

Since these are sometimes made to order they typically ship out in 2-5 days. Email us to see if there are any kits ready to ship  


This order comes with:

1. 3D Printed Standoffs and Side Pieces (from Electrotechnique)

2. 2 Laser cut side pieces

3. 1 Laser cut bottom piece

The laser cut plastic will come in protective paper for the color specified.

These match the official design and are tested to be compatible with the front and main PCB. If you wish to customize the color or markings on the case, please contact us to see if that is possible.

The price is lower than professional production: Shapeways quotes $60 to 3d print, and professional laser cutting would increase the price to around $100.

If you want custom colors or text listed, please message us and we’ll likely be able to make it for you. 

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