TSynth Full Kit (all components included) - Teensy-based DIY polyphonic synthesizer
TSynth Full Kit (all components included) - Teensy-based DIY polyphonic synthesizer

TSynth Full Kit (all components included) - Teensy-based DIY polyphonic synthesizer

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TSynth is a low cost, highly capable, 12 note polyphonic synthesizer that you build yourself. It can store and recall patches, and is controllable via the front panel or MIDI (CC, patch recall, pitch bend and modulation wheel.) It can accept MIDI via a USB Host port (plug your MIDI Class Compliant keyboard directly in), USB Client (appears as a MIDI device on a computer for your DAW) and classic MIDI 5 pin DIN. It has both analogue and USB digital audio.

This listing is a full kit version of boards from electrotechnique including all parts you'll need to build your own!

What you get

This is a full kit, except for the Teensy and Teensy Audio Boards. The enclosure (both laser cut and 3d printed parts) are an optional add-on item.

You are buying the following, as seen in the pictures:

  • The front panel (the red PCB)

  • The main PCB with SMD components already soldered: two 4067 multiplexers, 6N138 based MIDI In opto-coupler, buffer for MIDI thru and all resistors and capacitors (the green PCB) (this is the latest PCB revision 1.3)

  • A tested IPS 80x160 ST7735 SPI colour display

  • A 3D printed standoff for the display (the small black plastic part)
  • All components and parts listed in build guide.
  • 33 10k Potentiometers and knobs
  • 1 Bourns Rotary Encoder
  • 7 Pushbuttons and plastic covers
  • 4 Low current LEDs (red)
  • USB Sockets (A and B full size)
  • USB Short Connector (use to connect power bank or hub)
  • Metal standoffs for case build (all listed in build guide)
  • Screws for case (12mm m3)
  • Audio Socket (3.5mm)
  • MIDI 5 pin Socket (2x)
  • 40-pin 12mm header pin for Teensy
  • 1x 5-position female 0.1" header for Teensy USB host
  • 2x 24-position female 0.1" headers
  • An additional option is available for
  • All 3d printed enclosure parts and a laser-cut acrylic side and bottom panel. (includes plastic side holds, side 3d printed pieces, front and back acrylic and bottom acrylic).

You only will need to buy the Teensy and Audio Board yourself (Teensy 4.1, Audio Board Rev D). The open source code, build guide and plans for the enclosure are all available.

The kit currently ships to the US (free) and Australia (includes an additional surcharge). We can add your country if you message us.

Before you buy

Please read the Build Guide before you purchase! Although it isn't particularly challenging to solder and build (two hours), this is not suitable as a first project.

In use

You will be surprised at the range of sounds and the capabilities of TSynth! It is all running from one ARM Cortex M7 running at 600MHz and in use, you will find it works reliably with the firmware supplied by ElectroTechnique. It's features rival many more expensive desktop synths, but remember it is supposed to be a fun build using just one micro-controller and not an alternative for buying something from a larger brand.


12 note polyphony, 24 oscillators, velocity sensitive, versatile PWM control, detune, white & pink noise, pitch envelope, dynamic & chord unison, XOR and cross modulation, state variable filter, separate LFOs for pitch and filter, two envelope generators, stereo chorus, patch save, delete and recall, three MIDI IN choices, MIDI thru, USB digital audio out...... A long list of features is available from the website electrotechnique.cc


This kit ships internationally. Shipping to the US is discounted to be free (this product has a 10% discount which covers US shipping) and international shipping is discounted by 10% from the purchase price. Shipping rates are shown at checkout. If you have specific shipping requirements or requests please contact us and we'll be glad to help.


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